Mav Elyaf

Gülsan, the company that became the market leader by giving products to the hygiene and medical sector, has established MAV Elyaf at Tekirdağ-Çorlu.


Gulsan Egypt

Gülsan Holding which is directing the market with its Spunbond Facilitiy established in 2003, has done another investment in Egypt, Cairo as Gülsan Egypt in Spunbond field.


ISO Top 100

Gülsan, which is the pioneer with its firsts and principles, has ranked among the top 100 in ISO (Istanbul Chamber of Industry) that involves a list of 500 Endustrial Enterprises.


PE Film Production

The investment to produce hygiene and medical film is made with 8 color printing capability, which was the first in Turkey and one of the few in Europe; the production started in 2011.


Nonwoven Fabric:Spunbond/Spunmelt

Manufacturing in accordance with the world standards, Gülsan is keeping customer satisfaction at the top of everything. With all of those experiences, Gulsan invested in Spunbond/Spunmelt and stepped in to the hygiene industry.


Growing Gülsan

Parent company Gülsan Holding started on an area of 3000m2 with a team of 40 people. By producing in many different industries, from yarn to sack, today, the workforce has increased to 2700 people.